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Thank you for your interest in our Project Thor wireless charger. We are not making this product at this time. We are sorry for any inconvenience. Production may start again at the end of Spring. 

Welcome to Project Thor.

The FIRST wireless RC charger for RC radios such as Sanwa M12, M17, Futaba 7PX and more!


Named after the God of Thunder, this wireless charge system emulates Thor’s ability to transmit electricity through the air. Project Thor was developed over weeks of experimenting and testing, and we are finally ready to present our work with all of the racers! We are extremely excited to announce the first universal wireless charging solution for RC! Each system INCLUDES a 3000mAH battery for your respective radio!!


Things you need to know before reading more:


  1. The supplied battery pack will last for about 9 hours of on time.

  2. If the pack completely dies, it will take about 3.5 hours to fully charge.

  3. As the battery pack depletes, the voltage that your radio reads on the screen will not decrease.*

  4. If the battery pack reaches its cutoff point, the radio will shut off without warning.*

  5. It is important to keep your radio on the charging dock at least once a day. We recommend simply leaving the radio on the dock after every run. If you do this, you will never have to worry about charging your radio’s battery ever again.

  6. The base is universal, it can charge anything that is wirelessly compatible. Yes, phones too.

  7. The LEDs that light up the sides of the dock will always be on. The LEDs on the front of the base will illuminate when it is charging something (whether its a phone, or your radio), and then they will shut off. If the front light is blinking, it means that the charger is working, but not at full potential.


*These items do not apply to the Sanwa M17 and MT44 units.


The receiver pack (the module that connects to your radio) includes a battery, wireless coil, and all of the circuitry to ensure safe operation of the radio and charging of the pack. The dock includes a wireless charging transmission coil, custom LEDS (one set always on, one set indicates charging)




Each unit is handmade and custom tailored to each customers preferences and radio choice. If you purchase a Project Thor system from us, and at a later date purchase a new radio and need a new receiver, we will offer a receiver unit at a special price.


Complete dock and receiver system+usb cord= $129.99

Complete dock and receiver system+usb cord (For Sanwa M17/MT44)=$109.99

To order, please fill out the form below.

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