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Fresh from the VSR lab is the TLR 8ight-X Rear diff shim set! The set fits the rear diff of the TLR 8ight X and XE, and the kit comes with a 1mm and 2mm shim along with 4 M4 screws to replace the stock ones. Raising the rear diff is extremely beneficial when running on smoother tracks with medium to high grip with lower ride heights; allowing for faster lap times to come easier in such tricky conditions. To get the most out of this setup, we recommend raising your inner camber link 1-2mm, along with shortening the rear shock length by .75mm or more.

The idea stemmed from 1/10 scale race cars which boast the ability to adjust the diff height, and raising it on high grip/low ride height situations was a game changer. We thought, why not apply the same idea to 1/8?

TLR 8ight-X Rear Diff Shim Set (1mm, 2mm) w/M4 Screws

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