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The latest product from VSR is the 8ight-X 10mm wing shim. The addition of the VSR 10mm wing shim elevates the rear wing of the new TLR 8ight-X. Raising the rear wing creates more down-force and stability at high speeds and on large jumps, and has worked well on large high-speed and bumpy tracks. Raising the wing allows it to create more consistent downforce, thus making a more consistent car throughout the corner. The 10mm 3D printed shim comes with 2 metric screws to replace the stock ones.

This was developed with TLR team driver Jason Frank, who had this to say about the effects of the VSR shim:
"The VSR wing shim helped generate more grip and stability from the rear of the car and without a doubt is must have on a bumpy and low bite track."

Improve the handling of your TLR 8ight-X today!

TLR 8ight-X 10mm Wing Shim

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