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The +/- .5mm rear camber block shim for the latest generation of TLR cars provides you with further adjustment without adding complexity. Currently, in order to achieve +.5mm or -.5mm of ballstud height on the rear camber block, you have to remove the block, remove the ballstuds, add washers, and reassemble. Yuck. This shim provides an easy to use in-between option for the TLR real camber block.

Compatible with:

TLR 22 4.0/4.0 SR/3.0/3.0 SR

TLR 22T 3.0/4.0

TLR 22 SCT 3.0

*Transmission case and camber block not included*

TLR 22 Series +/- 0.5mm Camber Block Shim

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