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The VSR 3D Printed B64D Diff Shim is a must have for all Team Associated B64 owners. The shim is used to raise the differential of the Team Associated B64 buggy; this setup is used by many of the Factory Team drivers. We recommend to use the 2mm shim to raise the rear diff case. Both shims fit the front diff case as well.

  • The increased height of the differential will result in a more conventional dog bone angle at the vehicles desired ride height and will increase grip and overall consistency throughout the corner.
  • Raising the gearbox could increase grip by improving dog bone plunge on that end of the car.
  • Provides more support during cornering as well as a higher roll center.
  • Gives the car more entry and mid-corner steering (when used on rear).

*Diff case not included*

AE B64 Diff Shim

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