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Alejandro Vegas

Spring 2020 Portfolio

Thank you for visiting my portfolio! I have assembled a few of my projects from school projects and products I sold for under my company VSR Products below. This page is a work in progress, so it will be updated as I complete projects or products. 

DrinkBot: Arduino Controlled Drink Pouring Robot

  • Automated drink pouring robot

  • NEMA 17 Stepper Motor operates a custom peristaltic pump

  • Pump only operates when the correct RFID chip is presented to the robot

  • If no RFID chip presented to robot, no drink is poured 

  • Each RFID chip “orders” a different amount of liquid (pump operates for different times)

  • LCD Screen reads the name given to the RFID chip (Blue Fob, etc.), then indicates that the drink is pouring, and once the drink is poured is says “enjoy!”

  • Automotive-grade  momentary LED switch used as the start button and “watchdog LED”

  • The LED strip inside the robot  changes to blue while the drink is pouring

  • All Electronics kept in a separate housing to prevent water damage 

Please watch the video below to see the final robot in action! 

Wireless Charger for High Voltage Applications

● Invented, prototyped and tested a wireless charging system for applications that require more than 5 volts (i.e cordless drills, electric leaf blowers, remote controls for drones, etc.)
● Implemented 3D printing and electrical circuitry to create a clean and finished product that was then marketed to RC drone and car users, by Facebook and Google advertisements. This product is sold under the VSR Products brand.
● Each unit was hand-built, it was not scaled for mass production due to lack of funds and currently attending school full time. A patent could have been pursued were the funds available as well.

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