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NEW!! Use the 1mm shim in addition to the stock 2mm shim to achieve SLRC (super low roll center). Using SLRC is recommended for higher grip conditions for a easier to drive vehicle. The SLRC setup reduces front roll and makes the car more predictable at high speed as well. No more traction rolling!

The MRC Front Shim has been the ticket in indoor dirt racing. Along with the TLR +1mm Transmission Shim Set, the MRC front shim will get you that perfect balance of speed and drivability. Short for mid-roll-center, the MRC front shim provides an adjustment between LRC and HRC (low and high roll centers).

-The front end does not roll as aggressively, and the car steers more consistently from corner entry to mid corner

-Provide more steering on corner exit

For best results make these adjustments to your current setup:

.5mm longer shock length

1mm less bumpsteer

Along with:

3mm under the front camber link shim (see pictures)

REQUIREMENTS: You must remove material from the top of the aluminum hinge pin brace OR use the HRC front aluminum brace for proper clearance

*Front bulkhead not included*

TLR 22 Series 1mm Front Shim

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